solar-container for NATO CL15 exercise

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Multicontainer MC 66: (SOUTH-orientation)


  • 21 kWp with 66 piece (320) Wp panels
  • 45 kWh LiFePo4 battery storage
  • Exercise: 5 - 29 June 2015
mobile solar power for NATO

During the Nato Capable Logistician 2015 (CL15) exercise, which took place in Hungary, manufacturers of mobile solar power plants had the opportunity to test their products for the first time under real conditions as fully integrated team members.


The focus was on the interaction with military units and the testing of interoperability with other systems.

A Multicon solar container supplied the tents and the military police control room with energy day and night. The power requirements of the military police included several air conditioning systems, LED lights, computers and radio equipment. The container that was used for CL 15 had a solar output of 21 kWp and a storage unit of 45 kWh. Most of the energy was consumed by air conditioners during the day and by heaters at night. The average consumption was 6 kWh; the peak was at around noon, at about 11 kWh. As the solar container was able to generate more power during the day than could be used by the connected consumers, the excess energy was used to recharge the batteries. Towards evening, the batteries were fully charged and the energy could be delivered directly from them. During the two-week exercise, the solar container produced a daily average of 100 kWh of energy. Some 450 litres of diesel could thus be saved during the exercise period.



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