solar-container for Mali

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Multicontainer MC 108: (east-west)


  • 28,8 kWp with 108 (260Wp) panels
  • 45 kWh LiFePo4 battery storage.
  • Delivery: 15. August 2015


In Mourdiah (Mali) there is a solar container from Multicon Solar, which supplies approx. 100 villagers with renewable energy.

This solar container used in Mali produces approx. 50,000 kWh/year. If the energy demand increases, additional containers can be interconnected to achieve a capacity of several MWp. A container takes under an hour to set up and dismantle, which means the sensitive solar modules can be quickly and safely stored during sand storms, for example. Maintenance is undertaken remotely and by trained personnel on site. As a result, the solar container generates local economic growth and strengthens the region. In addition, local jobs are created through the transfer of knowledge.

solar-container for Mali


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